Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Glimpse of me in Bhubaneshwar..

Hey guys,


I just read through all of my bday wishes on orkut, and i felt bad of not being able to respond to u guys:(.Firstly, a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG THAANKS to all of u for ur wishes:).anyways i hope u guys reading this. Just wanted to say that i got a job, and i am in bhubaneshwar rite now, for my training. It all happend in such a hurry-burry, that i cudnot inform many of u:), hope u all doing fine...n just keep in touc all:):).. Hope u have a good read...there's more to go:)

Monday, December 7, 2009



None can define it, predict it; and even if you try, you can't LIVE it!!!Yes!! and i mean it!!! i know that you didnot understand this!!And by now, you would have concluded that i am CLEARLY CONFUSED right now!!!Yet, let me write!

Destiny acts very weird to us sometimes.................something like this.....
1) At times, Opportunities fall at your feet, for the matters you are least interested in.
2) And sometimes, Hurdles keep popping up from no-where; specially when you step out to achieve things that are needed the most.!

So, my question is; how do you play it ; when both the above options clash!...CONFUSION!(..read on..)

        On one side there is an issue, for which destiny is constantly calling you, but your mind doesnot want to venture. And at the same time, on the other side; you are almost close to your long-awaited dream; and just when you think that you are almost there, hurdles jump to you one after the other.

Looks tricky right? or confusing..?or both..?!!!!......................

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Confession of a broken heart....

This is one poem, which i wrote when i was going through a rough patch in life(needless to say this! the words in the poem clearly indicates that). And how rough it was, will be as difficult to be understood, as this poem:):D..Yet, let me help u a bit and give a little more details.

That was a time when i had stopped thinking about myself. I wrote this poem, in regret of not participating in any event during our college fest(during the third year of my college). Initially, i was too excited for it, but eventually something untoward happened, and i had lost interest in everything. I had no other go, but to overlook all of my interests in one shot. A bigger commitment arised, from no-where; and i had to sacrifice the smallest of my interests (:D..i am not exaggerating this, i mean every word of it.). And being a fighter; i felt guilty for not letting my dreams and interests see the light of the day in that particular period.

Alright, now i hope that you wont find yourself  seeing the stars, at the end of the poem(even if you do, it ain't your fault:P:)..so, here it goes.......

I wanna confess, My Lord
that I broke my own heart;
I confess, indeed
it was all my fault...
I was broken,saddened, and confused,
Not knowing what to do, my instincts abused!
The clutters took me all over,
And i didnot know, where do i belong.
i searched for myself, outside of my soul,
searched for someone, who could make me strong
i was looking for my own world, amongst the dismay
never realized - my life would show me this day!!

The pain & agony, pulled me down,
while once i was a - bubbly, laughing clown!
'clarity' was lost, and 'haziness' crept in;
the 'guilt' nagging me down, to prove my morbid sin.
I was dumb, i was deaf, i was bound and blind...
was that my soul's flaw ? or that, of my mind?
i tried to be happy, by killing my own joys;
my resilience showed ruthlessness, and made devilish noise.

There's nothing to say, nothing to see...
Nothing to hear, and no-where to be.
it's dark, cold - and no sign of a magic wand,
and i, in vain, am looking for a helping hand...
there's something unknown, thats binding me tight
while my broken wings are, trying to take a graceful flight.
Cool wind is breezing by, and yet i struggle to take a breath..
Is it a hope of a new LIFE..? or a silent way to death...........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Perfect Match? or perfect Match??


Well, I don’t know how to start this blog, but let me just start off. Everybody has a little naughty, little pervert side to himself. You just cant help, but think in a different(funny) way – when you see certain things. But you got to be in your limits. Here are few things that I observed and like to share with you all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Philosophy Sells..

Philosophy sells…

I saw this advertisement on tv. A toothpaste ad(not sure, but I guess its pepsodent/colgate ka ad), where this chotu school kid gets tensed saying “main fail ho gaya”(for having daaton me sadan)…and then the other lad explains him about the toothpaste which he uses(the product to be advertised), and consoles him “arrey! sirf tera toothpaste fail hua, tu nahi”. On hearing this, bliss falls upon this kid and suddenly he realizes “arrey..sirf mera toothpaste fail hua, main nahi”. He’s happy to know that, its just that his toothpaste that has failed, and Not him!!!!!

This advertisement caught my attention the very first time I watched it, and put me to contemplation. What a striking concept!!!Worth applying for every failure or downfall in life!!

Say you had a long cherished dream to be fulfilled; and you put your blood and sweat for achieving it. Something goes wrong in the crunch of the moment and everything topples down. And then, you think zara hatke and say to yourself “arrey! Sirf mera ek effort fail hua hain, main nahi” (hey!! only an effort of mine has failed, not ‘I’)..and just move on!! And after a ‘heart-breaking’ break up with your girl/guy; you just think “abbey!! Sirf ek relationship fail hua hain, main nahi!!”(Only a relationship of mine has failed, not ‘I’). . and move on. And then a bright student, gets some suicidal thinking on getting flunked in only a single lab exam. How I wish that somebody had told her “arrey!!sirf tera ek attempt fail hua hain, tu nahi”. It would have for sure saved a life(and the happiness of many other lives related to it). .And I have a strong feeling, that such a thought is definitely a "source of strength and motivation" for the specially abled people.

Well, Nobody likes failures in life, neither you nor me!!But it inevitably occurs in life, unexpectedly at some point of time. Whether you fret over it (& make things look even worse) or just move on with a positive thought – is “solely your choice”. Hmmm.. this reminds me of another advertisement (Tide ka ad)..where the caption is “daag ache hote hain”. Applying this in life, “failure bhi ache hote hain”(only if “you” look at it, that way)!! And you can brush away the effects of failures in your life, as easily as u can remove the ‘daag’(patches).((LOLZ..LOLZ..sounds funny, but its true!!). All you need is a bit of courage to think different and a bit of optimism.:P…Yeah..it does look impractical(it only ‘looks so’, though its NOT)..And that’s because, it’s the natural tendency of human mind to get bogged down with a minute failure in life. One small single failure is sufficient to breed a “fear of loss” in every other thing you venture in!!.......hmmm..and I remember another advertisement(mountain dew) over here “dar ke aage jeet hai”(victory follows every fear)(sorry, cudnot translate it in form of a punch-dialog!!)..

My say:
When negative thoughts have the power to create suicidal tendencies in people, then even the positive thoughts of the same magnitude have an equal power to create strength in you!!!(reminds me of Newton’s third law of motion!!guess I am jumbling up science and advertising concepts here!!!:P)

Firstly, this post is written in high appreciation of such advertisements; which have got some food for thought; some fresh fundas for life.(have had enough of condemning the lewdly shot perfume ads!!). I hope at least one of the above-mentioned company people read this.( After all, I did some promotion for their products by mentioning their names(generously) !!though I m NOT paid for that:(.....}. And with this post, I’m definitely breaking the whichI had made in my second post(that I wont write about philosophy any more!!LOLZ..). Philosophy rocks..Philosophy sells…:P:D


Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Life seems to be full of questions. Every moment of life we spend answering them!!! The only difference is the category of the questions and the person who asks you the questions !!!Ranges from anything pleasant like – how are you? How was you’re your whole day spent…? – to more introspective ones like – who am i? what is the purpose of my existence? What is my karma dharma dogma catma etc etc…- to more practical ones in life like – where do I see myself two years from now? What are the plans for my future? What are my goals in life..? etc etc…- the list goes endless…Y only ‘life’..Even when we are dead, questions will surround us!! – what time did the person die? where? how? where is the cremation? Whom and how much has the person left behind? ..etc etc…Many questions are asked by people with the intention of genuinely gaining the answers, few ask them to motivate you..but then there are these “ “irritating” “ category of people, who know everything about your life and yet ask questions just to stab you right at the centre of your heart!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lessons from those four years.....

Hi friends,

Never expected to turn up sooo soon here again;). But its a gloomy sunday evening, and nowhere to go and nothing to do..so just bumped in;).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Those four years....

Hi friends,
Well this is my first attempt, so i dont know how well it will be received. And i guess i should have attempted this long back,because i am already around 7 yrs old in namma bengalooru:).And this blog is surely NOT a guide on how to live life in bangalore for newbies here;) Formalities apart, let me just start with my say here...

Well, just a couple of months to go and i will be completing my 7th yr in bengalooru. When I look back and think of whatever i ve learnt here in the last four years........hhhhh..speechless!!