Wednesday, April 28, 2010


 "Didi, i am missing my friend a lot. He left for Africa today."

"Who' s that?"

"Ken. He went back today:(.......awesome guy he is going back to Africa. i am gonna miss him:( "

"Oh poor chap:( Is he never gonna come back? You will be touch through mails atleast right:)..cheer up"

" He used to tell me so many things about how beautiful his place is and stuff..its good in a sense, he hasnt seen  his family for 3 years, was missing them badly, but the sad thing is he wont come back for 6 months now:(.."

"Oh..only for 6 months rite? He ll come back na..just wait:)"

       -----and this conversation ended abruptly..i didnot know how to console him, i could understand what he was going through; but i couldnt do pretty much to cheer him up. I compared his plight with mine......


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tribute to the legend...

  Again..while on the way back home, in the bus..I was listening to radio; when something i was waiting for since morning Happend at last!  "Nadhamaya 101.3" - an sms from a friend. At once I tuned into the station, and.....instantly i went into trance.!!Automatically my eyes closed, i started snapping, and my legs tapping. After a long time, I was listening to this song. And was amused to find that the song created the same magic, it used to, every time i heard it.!! My heart wept out of intense joy. Beautiful song, beautiful voice. A soul-cleanser. Takes me to an entirely different world, that of tranquility, peace, meditation!! A song that raptures your soul and penetrates deep within you. The flute, the veena, the mridangam blent with the Ultimate voice  - the voice of the Legend, Dr. Rajkumar.