Friday, February 26, 2010

How do we meet them?Part-1..


      Perhaps by now you all might be knowing(if not, then now u would get to!) that i hav been leading an extremely 'mechanical' life off-late..With the most of my free time being hogged by travel to-fro home-office; i dont get to introspect, contemplate ( and whatever word you may want to add here--something which means 'spending time with i-me-myself!'(to kis it)). Though this was not the topic of my discussion here, i just wanted to mention it - coz i just decided 'why not use my travel-time for introspection and thinking life'!

**thats all about my out-of-the-topic stuff**

     "Almost" coming to the point now : just two or a day ago, while on the way back home; a question shot into my brain like from no-where!'how do we meet people'??i mean how do we REALLY meet them? Has god created any algorithm or a procedure for that?or some logic behind whom,when,where and how you gonna meet in life??

      And from that very moment i started relating myself to every person i saw..A strange feeling - a feeling implausible...I mean..really strange.Weird. Daily you come across hundreds of strangers, "new faces","new lives","LIVES", for just fraction of seconds...and just after a while, they go!!And there are few among those, whom you instantly relate to, even if you dont know who they are!And there are people, who transpose from being a stranger to a jigri dost. And then there are people - like this...i mean like this guy...

Saturday, February 13, 2010



     Well. It happens to anyone who’s travelling from India to US!!(now don’t go too deep into the statement and don’t try to act smart by saying that it happens GENERALLY when u travel from one country to another!I know tat!)..heard of JETLAG ???

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Days..


This post has got nothing knowledgeable, and no information as such. It's the last day at the BBSR office today for me..

korukunna kori kalavaalanna…
cheruvaina cheyi kalapaalanna
chedirina kala aina viduvanu gadha naina…
chalinchanee eee….oooooooo oooo kshanaleke oooooo ooo
happydays…. happydays…….
happydays…. happydays……
happydays…. happydays…..