Sunday, December 4, 2011


You are a beautiful soul.

You are the light that brightens the world

You are blessed with the power to create... all the goodnesses in life.

Your smile does not always mean that happiness showers on you. They just mean, you have chosen to create happiness, no matter what.

You love to sing. You love to dance. You love to enjoy the rhythm of life.

You love to keep talking, like a free bird -chirping on its own. . And you love to lend your ears, to the one in distress.

At times you feel, the entire world burdened on your shoulders. At times, you feel the world is at your feet!

You laugh when you are crying from inside, and you tactfully shed tears out of joy.

You are adventurous. You love to throw yourself into a world of strangers and circumstances, never seen before. And then you slowly collect good people and lessons, out of that world.

You have a unique way of leaving your mark, wherever you go.

You love learning from Life out of experiences - the good, and the bad.

You know when to turn into a funny, naughty kid. And you know, when to wear up your Philosopher's hat!

You love to create your own unique world, your own story – wherever you go, and with whatever you do.

You fight with with a loved one, and carry all the pain of missing him/her. Yet you don't stand their pain and move the heaven and earth to make him smile!

You are Selfless.

At times, you carry a lone heart, in the midst of a crowd. And sometimes, when you are all by yourself – you feel the entire universe is with you.

You are a girl, growing up into a woman; with all the love, and blessings that life bestows upon you.

It's not the attire or the make up you wear...
It's the grace that you carry, despite the visible scar on yo.., that makes you beautiful...

You are Special....