Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reasons why Queen failed to connect

Aint a movie buff, but the much hype about the movie, made me pen down as to why did not Queen – The Film appeal much to me! [respect the opinions of people who could connect to it, though - this is just my perspective of it]

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So the movie starts with the guy(hero) returning from a foreign-trip, getting some incomprehensible sense of freedom within himself, and abruptly calls his marriage a quits with no clear reasons – ‘No clear reasons’ – kept me wondering in the beginning itself as to what was the solid reason behind cancelling his own marriage - just because you returned from a Foreign Land!?? - utter nonsense!

The girl reacts to this – and decides to go on a Honeymoon all by herself - some ray of hope [but I felt she was lucky to be having such a supporting family – had she stayed with them for a while – they (minus relatives) were more than enough to pull her out of this deep shit! Dadi’s strong-headedness impressed me.

Nevertheless, she goes (travel is a good thing to do – agreed!) – and she bumps into the hotel’s waitress who turns out to be a semi-Indian – and there starts the seemingly ‘woman-to-woman’ connection. Now here, I never understood ‘why’ are only the woman who are open to ‘random-encounters-and-party-hard’ are portrayed as having a ‘sense of freedom’? – please give me a break here - I don’t deny that a wardrobe-change, makeover and a drink does something to a woman’s confidence [it does so to a man too!]..but that’s not all about it!! [and if you really want me to appreciate a woman-woman bonding in such glamorous lines, I feel Cocktail (even Fashion for that matter) did a better job]. 

Kangana Ranaut’s dancing in front of the policeman after a hard drink, might have just triggered more ‘false-notion’ about Indians – this is what I thought honestly! [saale log khud ke country me toh police k saamne naach nahi sakte, meri gali aake drama?!] It was funny to watch it though..

Then comes her ‘Roomies’ part –  i felt it a ‘close-to-a-blunder’. How can someone so blindly trust strangers?! - complete strangers from completely different cultures for that matter – shared rooms – and really had a sound sleep?!! Uffff!! [completely unrealistic and impractical I felt]. If this situation had come out of no-option-at-all, then there would have been some meaning and depth to this entire concept of stuffing 4 mixed cultures in a room and learning and making friendships – and more importantly – the girl gaining her own ‘sense of freedom’ out of it. This felt little too gloomy and sore.

Success of pani-puri shop and business-success was okkayyishhh – but we already know any Indian authentic stuff is appreciated in the west – nothing new. [I would have liked it more if she had smooched Alexander than the hotelier guy!:-|]

The only ‘Yo-girl-Do-it’ moment I felt was when she decided to join her roomies for the rock-show with the Kinare song running in the background. Some connection felt here, at last – literally at last – cz that was almost the end of the movie!

Somehow, the entire jig makes the girl feel internally free, she posts stuff on facebook and turns into a queen with her new-found friends from different cultures. Fine! Fair enough! Good and lucky for her  [somehow the film-makers tended to omit the real scheme of things here!].

While I completely empathize with the 'heart-brokenness' and 'shock' of the girl who undergoes such a turmoil all of a sudden; I did not quite buy the way the movie shows her compromising on her basic value system and 'rationality' to gain her 'sense of freedom'. The fact that she suddenly decides to stay with 3 unknown guys and smooches yet another one - and then disclosing it freely to her ex and her own family - in realty - makes such a girl and family more vulnerable to Society-backstabs than the girl gaining personal freedom!

There are much better  ways to explore your freedom - whether heartbroken or not - without compromising on your rationality!

With a high rise of break ups, separations among youth in this age -> a woman's 'sense of freedom' linked wit 'travel' has been among the highest selling points in the industry. And the film makers seem to have just used this formula and weaved some randomn story. There's been no impact as such.

The songs really had more meaning and communicated the concept well – the movie in its entirety failed to do so. Kangana, nevertheless, played her role well and proved herself as an actress yet again – no doubt!

P.S: But then, this all is just 'my' perspective :P

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The waves

‘thankfully, atleast you are by my side’ – Laveena looked at the sea waves that dashed the shores on a warm summer evening.
She'd often appreciated the dusky summer evenings than winter and rainy days.

Breathing deeply a breeze of air -  ‘its only You that make me feel….’

Romantic ..?’ – Gaurav was watching the shore as well, sitting at a slight distance from her. He thought she was talking to him.

Startled at his reply - ‘oh..I…I think I was…’ after a pause ‘little..lost’ – she covered up with a grin

‘oops…sorry..never mind’ – he apologized; realizing things. He too was kind of... Lost in thoughts!

Both Gaurav and Laveena were strangers to each other. That evening somehow they happened to be in the same state of mind, and were looking for some peace...which they felt, they would find by the sea..


 Not too late from then, neither too far from Laveena and Gaurav..

‘you hurt me. I don’t want to talk to you – cried the girl

No. it was You who hurt me! You are a liar – came another cry..this time..of a boy

’but I got the game from my brother - girl

and you ditched me, did not play at all! – boy, sounding serious.

but you liked the game a lot right, moreover Ishaan and Vikrant were also with you? – girl, confused.

I wanted to play with you! Just that! – he sulked.

but I borrowed from bhaiyaa..just for you..’ – she explained, continuing ‘ and I had a lot of Math assignment to complete – I realized late..i will get a remark from my teacher if I did not complete it – she continued getting a tad emotional.

I too had my home-work to do. I completed it and came just to play with you!’ – he said, continuing -
you are just giving reasons! Anyways, I will buy a game of my own and play with Anup’s gang’

‘ whatever you want. My brother owns the game, I will play with him and his are not my best friend any more – she retaliated.

‘you think without you I cannot do anything! Go..go to your brother and other friends..I don’t want a friend like you....forget being a ‘best friend’- he revolted back.

.....-  ‘kaheen na kaheen kuch na kuch toh kar hi loonga’ - he grumbled ... as they turned away from each other


the boy's last line, rather dramatic, made Laveena was too heavy a dialog for a 10-ish year old boy. ‘aaj kal ke bachche’ – she commented - ‘wherever he learnt that dialog from’ - and shrugged

Gaurav, who too was watching silently, did not reply. might be another slip of her thoughts!. He dint want to embarrass himself by responding this time. They continued watching…


..Near the shore, the little girl involved herself in designing the castle she had planned with her ‘best friend’ – all by herself now. They had almost reached their favourite spot to build this, together, but because they had picked up a row on some old issue, they decided to part ways and build it individually

The boy, never to give up, started digging up sand to build one – of his a distance not too far from the girl.

She had laid a beautiful design for the castle, however her tiny hands struggled to grasp the sand and build it.
  He, on the other hand, managed to dig out enough of the material, but struggled on where to start from for he knew, she knew it better. 

None spoke. Both were determined. They glared a couple of times at each other, and then turned away - pretending to be busy building their own stuff


Both Laveena and Gaurav – still silent, considered helping the kids, but then a series of ‘what if’s…?’ held them back. None had enough experience with handling kids. It felt safe to play mute spectators instead, considering the intense mood the kids were in!


The little boy and girl gave one more glare at each other, when suddenly out of the blues, a terrible wave gushed in and washed away her design and his heap of sand. She turned to watch in dismay, he shriveled.

Damn-it!’ – Gaurav jolted instantly! Laveena could not speak - her own thoughts crossed each other, of course, she was relating to something else – something – rather someone she was on the verge of losing...

The kids looked helplessly at each other for a moment..

Should I go pacify them? A chocolate would do? Or some funny cartoon-story? Or consider patching each other up? – thoughts of the same frequency were now ran in both Gaurav and Laveena’s minds...the silent spectators felt for them..

But before they could come to a decision, a sudden turn of events  –


bas..phir aisa nahi hoga – tu wahaan par design laga.. - announced the boy, clearly determined, pointing to a safer place where waves were not likely to touch –  ‘ye paani apne aapko kya samajhta hai - he started digging up the sand once again.

haan..aur yeh le’ – as she picked up a broken piece of wood. ‘is par apna mitti daal…koi leher tera kuch nahi bigaad sakta’ – she responded, as they teamed up instantly.

[Engrossed in their task ..]

‘I am very sorry…shaayad meri galti thi..main tujhe thoda pehle bata deti na’ – the girl said meekly.
nahi re…tera Maths weak hai na..its okay’ – he smiled back assuring her there was no war between them.

‘tu Anup ki gang ke saath khelne jaayega?’

areey pagli..main kyun jaaun..hum dono ko Anup pasand nahi hai na ' .. keeping her engaged...mai tere ghar hi aaunga..Sunday ko khelenge..Vikrant aur Ishaan bhi hai na.’ – as they continued their Sunday plans until a beautiful castle was built up – no wave could touch it...the kids jumped out of sheer excitement at their task accomplished

‘humne iske liye kitni planning ki thi na..Finally ban gaya’ – there was joy twinkling in their eyes. There was joy in two other pair of eyes too

‘agar hum phir se friends nahi bante toh ye kabhi nahi banta na’ – the girl realized.

‘aise kaise nahi banne deta..hum dono humesha se best friends the’ – finally declaring ‘I am also sorry na’... adding rather precociously  - 'humaara dream-castle zyada important tha, ladaai nahi' - not realizing he had struck 2 chords directly, unbeknown to him

'ab chal ...bigaad humara ghar' - the boy mocked at the sea waves that was far from touching their dream-house.


…. the fight? – seemed like they had never happened. It was just the castle and the gut to confront the wave, together,  that had mattered, above all.

 kaash koi camera ya mobile hota humare paas..ek photo le lete’ – as they still stood admiring their creation.

At this, both Gaurav and Laveena, not giving a second thought, sprang up, caught hold of a tourist photographer who was wandering around, and fulfilled the kids wish - ‘is photo ke peeche apna naam aur aaj ki date likh dena, theek hai na?’ – Gaurav instructed to the kids, and they nodded obediently.

The elders’ presence was felt for a short time – for the kids were still in the amazement of fulfilling their dream.


It grew little darker. The kids were returning happy..holding each others hands..

Laveena had found her answer – and turned to Gaurav – who somehow shared the same frequency with her that evening. They exchanged a brief smile, and Laveena, parted her way...

For one last time she turned back to look at the happy kids, with a gratitude on her face – ‘aaj kal ke bachche’ and walked towards her car to return to where she had packed her bags from – picking out the separation papers, and crushing them - this was not the solution. a small wave of brawl did not mean the end!

All she wanted to do, was just hug her husband, and remind him of the dreams they had shared together...she knew he was still waiting for her...


After some time…


With the kids and the young lady gone, Gaurav, who was playing his cool all the while, instantly dialled – 

Puja....listen. ..i know kuch dinon se humaare beech, kuch galat ho raha hai.. lekin i have was never about me against's about us, facing it together..shaayad galti meri bhi thi...but I just wanted you to know…’ his voice shivered..’i still..'- he gulped a lump in his throat.. ' waiting for you...please call me back..’ – and he hung his voice message.

He sat staring at the waves waiting... letting only the darkness watch his tears roll down from his eyes...

The phone rang..

The castle the little girl and the boy had built, together,  faced the sea-waves in glory..untouched...