Friday, July 30, 2010

mai and meri tanhai..aksar dinner karne aa jate hain!

   To begin with, let me tel u that....

    The following 2 lines best describe the current theme of my life:

     "manzil nayi hai, anjaana hai kaarvaan,
          chalna akele hai yahaan......":) 

   If you have a track of my life (i know that i have been absconding from the public-eye for a while now),then you must have come across  a lot of statements from me like --:'i dont have company yaaar' , 'm taking time to adjust', 'mai aur meri tanhai, canteen me soup peene aa gaye'...and blah  blah blah...!

    Well, this post is one of those 'mai and meri tanhai...series...';)   (don't wonder about the rest, you wont find them at this site!They are safely treasured in a book:P)

     I have been a 'lone - bird' for a while now in my new company (for  how long would i be so, i dunno!), struggling to get a friend for having even a cuppa coffee! Ok, before i start cribbing here, let me get into the point:

    Consider the reference time as 9:30 p.m, and the date is Wednesday 28th july, (thats when i started penning down this post!)


    Its my 1:00 - 10:00 p.m shift and,
    Just an  hour ago, this happened:

     Me tooo hungry and i dont have anybody to accompany me for dinner! Care a damn about it, coz hotte(stomach) is empty! After asking (for formalities' sake) everybody around me, whether they wud like to join me for dinner(as expected, just another vain attempt!), I run to the bay (an area full of eateries) all alone, to fill my stomach..(company doesNOT matter, at times!)

    I go this counter (fuggot the name, but its a north indian restaurant ka counter), and order a plate of chapathi and subzee (looking at the rates of it, i thought that was sufficient to fill me!)

    Alas! finished the stuff  like - in a jiffy (hardly 3 mins!); and still pet me chuhas doing world war :(. Wondered whether it was really chapathis that i had, or some cotton-mithai! [40 bucks Washte]

   Still not satisfied, I just roamed around to check out what is available at which counter!as if  i was treasure - hunting!(actually, it WAS, really a TREASURE hunt!)

   Didnot take too long, i found a counter with something like'south indian' and  'meals' written on 2 different boards! What a relief! whatever the food is, i was sure of getting atleast a handful of curd-rice! Lo and behold!

'mini meals - 40 rs'    - says one of the menu boards!

...forgetting about the price, asked the counter fella about the the content of the mini-meals. Hungry that i was, nothing went into my head; except the mention of 'curd rice' from him! 'One mini-meals kodi, swalpa bega' (i did utter the last 2 PRECIOUS words!).

     And with my treasure of the moment (my  thaali .., hindi waala thaali!), i head towards a table,which is located right in front of the previous counter (where i got the cotton-mithai-type-chapathis)..the guys literally wonder-struck, luking at the south indian thali on my hands! lots of interesting expressions on their faces.

     Question marks, exclamation marks and lotsa stars! (quite obviously, a 5 feet tall high-school-kid looking girl, fully covered with winter wear(almost like an eskimo), walking all alone with a plate of meals; does attract spectators! To add to it, a company's tag hanging like a...needless say what! No question of this gal with a boyfriend too!  -- ignore the last stmt, just came through...outta emotions -- age problem!).

   Alright, so I was at this table, happily gobbling down the contents of the plate. And the previous counter guys' eyes stuck to my plate (wonder whether they were waiting to see how much from that plate would make way into my mouth(ultimately stomach)!

  Just forgot the rest of the world for a while and filled my stomach happily! (whoever watched the scene of me hogging the food, must have confirmed at least this - that m a Brahmin!).


  Finally! With 5 chapathis (incl.those 3 cotton-chapathis ), 2 subzees, tomato baath, and CURD-RICE inside ; I felt strong enough to conquer the world! Looked around in relief, the tzp-ishan-style, only to find the two cotton-chapathi guys puzzled! Didnot  bother...

  Disposed the plate, carried my bag, relished a beautiful evening of bangalore, and then headed towards my aapice building!.......

  Landed at my desk, again un-noticed!

  It's 9:30 p.m now, and m just waiting for my log out time:)

------------------  the end ---------------------------

Come back to the moment:


1) Corporate life has started pinching me:)
2) The best company you ever have in life, your 'SELF'!
3) Congrats to KE4! and BBSR folks, i have (finally) started to mind my own business:)
4) Looks like another chapter of life,  has begun...Let's see....! B-)

Gone are the days, where half-a-laddu was shared by 16+1 nincompoops!...B-)


Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Roller Coaster ride!!

Well..This post would be just 'Plain text' the sense, that i won't be EXPRESSING  my emotions here! Will just  jot down things, without mirch-masala! AS IT IS!

To introduce to this post, let me inform you that, I am into a new team(company), and m the only newbie here:P. I was lucky enough to get a chance for a trip with the team, on the same week(In fact, just 3 days after my joining!). A trip to Pondicherry(Pondi from now) . Initially, was apprehensive. Later gave into the plan! A good opportunity to explore, after all! And a chance to break the newbie-seniors ice too! (m the only newbie in the team, plus the age-gap, n lotsa gaps, to be frank!).  So, here's 'My Version' of the trip...Read on