Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Team '09

     Now, if you read this post; then you might conclude that the author of the post is a completely unpredictable chap on earth. Nobody knows how circumstances play with emotions and feelings.

     Under the same title 'Team 09', i had plans of writing a post describing my current team here. Saying that each one is a "sample" piece on his own:P. But just now, just an hour ago; i got to know - that m gonna come back to B'lore in just few days. And there's a battle of emotions in my brain.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Loner in a crowd....

      Well..last two days were kind of 'void' days of my life. And why i mentioned that was , because i was missing all the people back in bangalore. Life's really strange. Not that i am not happy with the life here. Things have been so good, so far ; here in Bhubaneshwar. Lots of changes, having gala time, learning lots. But i was missing people back in bangalore. Do people really forget us, when we are not present around them? OR have they changed ? OR do they feel that we have changed ? I dunno.